What is JUJU About?

We want to give meaning to the technology we use everyday.

We take for granted simple items that connect us to our digital world such as cables, keyboards, computers and numerous others. Without meaning to this connection, the digital world remains dull, robotic and repetitive. At JUJU, we want to design products that counter this perspective.

We want the connection to the digital world to be unique, direct and memorable.

To reach this potential, we ensure our products are designed to match your tastes and qualities. Our products come with a host of features combined with a modern and classy approach.

What does JUJU Offer?

We produce custom and hand-made artisanal electronic accessories such as:

  • Custom Mechanical Keyboards;

  • Hand-Made USB Cables - Mouse Cables, Keyboard Cables, etc ; and

  • A whole a lot of other items available on our Store!

To make your connection, check out the products on our Store!